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    Also we have NOT AGREED to any written terms or conditions provided by the any of the above mentioned companies in any way including the terms displayed in their respective websites. We have published the information which is commonly available in the society and from our own experiences. They are not copied from any other sources of the respective companies.
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  12. SMS sent to you via this website will be charged 2.00 LKR + tax for recipient.

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"We" or "us" means Gishan Networks.

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"This website" means any hypertext web page hosted under apn.gishan.net

Network frequency compatibility disclaimer

For some phone modals and networks we may show which frequencies of the selected network will be compatible with the respective device. This is only a technical network compatibility checking and it cannot indicate the other limitations (IMEI range restrictions) that the network carrier may be having to provide the service for the device. Therefore, in this website even the compatibility is indicated as compatible, there could be instances that the device may actually not support the carrier. Therefore, never use the compatibility shown in this website to buy new phones.

Trademarks and website content disclaimer

All other trademarks displayed in this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. We do not own them.

If any of the above companies wishes to remove or edit any content in this website, contact us immediately.

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